12-Week Program

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12-Week Program

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Available worldwide via Skype. 

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  • 12 x 60-minute private sessions via Skype or phone
  • Over 60 pages of PDFs packed with the latest research, information and insight on health, happiness, stress management, exercise and nutrition – emailed to you in weekly chapters prior to your session, allowing time to learn and put into practice the information we’ll explore together


  • WEEK 1: The Trifecta of Wellness, stress management and neuroplasticity
  • WEEK 2: Mood, Food and Fitness Journal, body basics and rituals for mind-body-spirit nutrition
  • WEEK 3: Mindset, anti-sedentary revolution and menu plan
  • WEEK 4: The science of negative thinking, emodiversity and hydration
  • WEEK 5: Fitness basics, positive psychology, gratitude and happiness
  • WEEK 6: The power of curiosity and questions and self-love
  • WEEK 7: Brain hygiene and meditation
  • WEEK 8: Sourcing, cooking and home workouts
  • WEEK 9: Sleep and energy rituals
  • WEEK 10: Super-charge your brain for productivity
  • WEEK 11: Gut health, detox and connection


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Hardwiring wellness: neuroplasticity and stress management

One of the most simple and effective ways to tap into your personal power and transform your life is through the mindful sculpting of your neural architecture – a.k.a. self-directed neuroplasticity. You can consciously hardwire healthy habits so they become woven into the fabric of your life, saving you time and energy – drastically reducing the willpower struggle – and giving you elevated mental, physical and spiritual health.

Stress isn’t inherently bad. Our body’s stress response is incredible! However, chronic, overwhelming stress crushes health, happiness and productivity, leaving us depleted, unhappy and floundering. Learn how to assess and reduce your overall stress inventory (mental, physical, nutritional, electromagnetic), and practice three simple mindset shifts to revolutionize the way you manage stress. Plus, gain personalized strategies to elicit your body’s amazing relaxation response to boost immune, digestive, reproductive and metabolic health, and cognitive function.  

Movement: exercise and the anti-sedentary revolution

The human body is meant to move! But how you do that is entirely up to you. Learn how to create functional movement and expansive posture with at-home and outdoor strength, cardio and flexibility workouts, and discover community workouts.   

By training your body in a 3-to-1 ratio of posterior chain (back of the body) to anterior chain (front of the body) exercises, and incorporating transverse-plane (twisting) movements, you can counteract all of the forward flexion associated with countless hours of sitting and looking down at screens (commuting, desk-ing, TV-ing, scrolling, liking), plus prepare yourself for activities of daily living (rotating, reaching, lifting), and bring you into ideal alignment – for greater vitality, presence and power!

It’s a big accomplishment to exercise every day, but even if you do, that still leaves 23 hours for sedentary behaviour (sitting, and even standing, still) to creep in. Research confirms that weaving physical activity throughout your day is one of the best things you can do for health, happiness and productivity. Learn the scary consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and create personalized strategies to start your own anti-sedentary revolution! 

Brain hygiene, sleep and productivity

Brain hygiene practices – like mindfulness and meditation – should be as consistent as brushing your teeth if you want to experience elevated health, happiness and productivity.

Mindfulness (present-moment awareness) allows you to recognize when your thoughts, words and actions aren’t serving you, and if you’ve being hijacked by negative thoughts or unproductive behaviour.

One of the most powerful ways to develop mindfulness is through the practice of meditation. We’ll explore a number of different meditation styles plus meditation’s myriad benefits, including reduced mental turbulence, increased cognitive function, boosted self-healing, and greater connection to your inner wisdom.

Because your brain and body regenerate and repair while you sleep, it’s one of the most important practices for you to perfect. By adopting a life-changing set of AM/PM rituals you can ensure improved quality of sleep and the incredible benefits that follow: elevated mindset and mood, increased energy and focus, and phenomenal physical health.

Plus, you’ll learn the art of uni-tasking to create unprecedented productivity. Multi-tasking can elicit the stress response, burn through precious energy, and lead to decision overload. Three powerful tools can combat these effects. 

Emodiversity, positive psychology and the negativity bias

Research suggests that a diverse emotional ecosystem is associated with greater mental and physical health, self-awareness and resilience. Learn how to recognize, honour and process your emotions, flow through the emotional spectrum, and gain effective strategies from the field of positive psychology – the study of positive emotions, mindsets and behaviours – to help you thrive.

On the flipside, discover how your brain’s negativity bias not only helps to keep you safe from physical harm but, unchecked, can become hyper-sensitive to “mental danger” – negative thoughts, false stories, worry, anxiety – and hold you back from experiencing productive confidence, galvanizing optimism and fulfilling social connections.

Lean to balance your brain’s negativity bias by growing what I call positivity antennae, through the practice of a few simple tools.  

Mind-body-spirit nutrition and detox

You are a remarkable machine that requires premium fuel! Learn joyful strategies to fuel mind, body and spirit that ban deprivation, include indulgence and consider the far-reaching consequences of what you put on your plate. Discover which foods, in which combinations, create optimal brain chemistry, and learn what the latest research says about nurturing the beneficial bacteria that make up your microbiome – and how these trillions of microbes affect immunity, metabolism, mood and cognition. 

Mindful, informed consumption reduces nutritional stress, and through the practice of self-directed neuroplasticity you can hardwire your brain to crave healthier choices – especially when paired with a nutrition action plan, incorporating daily rituals, weekly menus and grocery lists, pantry and freezer staples, and an arsenal of easy recipes.

While our comprehensive detox plan will briefly look at your diet, beauty products and household cleaners, we'll primarily focus on the “invisible toxins” – mental stress, spiritual disconnect and disheartening relationships – that seriously sabotage wellbeing. 

Radical self-love

You can truly transform your life when you take a holistic, inside-out approach to the relationship you have with yourself, others, and the world around you. Create a rock-solid foundation with these four pillars of self-love: Self-knowledge, Self-nurturing, Self-forgiveness and Self-trust.

Self-knowledge requires developing mindfulness, strengthening intuition, and deepening physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual connection. To boost self-nurturing, you must discover what serves you, and what sabotages you – what fills you up, and what drains you – and, with that understanding, create and implement personalized brain hygiene, movement, and nutrition practices. Practice self-forgiveness so you don’t waste time being stuck in the past. Transform guilt to growth, and propel yourself forward. Learn to shift your inner dialogue by addressing your inner critic and cultivating inner compassion. Self-trust provides certainty that you can handle anything. Learn to boost this final pillar by cultivating your inner cheerleader, creating a personalized mantra and vision statement, and transcending self-inflicted upper limits.