TLD August Intel: A shocking revelation about your energy


Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Before we get to this month's roundup, I want to THANK YOU again for the amazing responses to my #EnergyManagement survey! Wow. I got teary-eyed as I read through what you wrote.

The average energy score was 5.7 out of 10 (ouch!) and 85% of you said you weren't happy with that number.

You are not alone in the low-energy camp. I've been there too!

That's why I'm SO EXCITED to share The Art of Energy Management with you! I know that the tiny tools I have to share can really make a big difference.

I've just finished filming the videos for my FREE workshop on The Art of Energy Management, and can't wait to share them with you in September – keep an eye out for my next email with more details.

Drumroll, please! The 3 winners (chosen via of a Runner's Reward essential oil kit from Saje Natural Wellness are:

1. Sarah

2. Michele

3. Tammy

>>> Now for this month's energy-themed TLD TOP 3:

1. VIDEO: Microbes, Mental Wellness & Mealtime – Lisa Kilgour | TEDxKelowna

  • β€œDid I just come across one of the most amazing coincidences in the world or is there an actual connection [between digestive issues and mental health]? So I dove into the research and what I found was a hundred percent yes there is absolutely a connection from these very seemingly unrelated body symptoms – your gut and your brain – and what connects these two is our microbes, the bacteria that live in our gut. [By] taking an active part in feeding and fueling ourselves better, we can create change in our culture – it can be a catalyst for change. By taking care of ourselves we can reach out and take care of each other better.” WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

2. ARTICLE: A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself | The Guardian

  • β€œWomen’s time has been interrupted and fragmented throughout history, the rhythms of their days circumscribed by the sisyphean tasks of housework, childcare and kin work – keeping family and community ties strong. If what it takes to create are long stretches of uninterrupted, concentrated time, time you can choose to do with as you will, time that you can control, that’s something women have never had the luxury to expect, at least not without getting slammed for unseemly selfishness. Even today, around the globe, with so many women in the paid labor force, women still spend at least twice as much time as men doing housework and childcare, sometimes much more.” READ THE ARTICLE HERE

3. VIDEO: Health lies in healthy circadian habits – Satchin Panda | TEDxBeaconStreet

  • β€œEvery single hormone and brain chemical rises and falls at different times of the day. So to have these rhythms [circadian clocks] is actually to have health. So it's very important, then, to know how are these clocks organized so that we can nurture them much better. But how are these clocks connected to the outside world? Food at the wrong time can disturb the peripheral clock and break the metabolic balance in our body, and that will push us towards disease. This was a really earth-shattering, eureka moment for us, because for the first time in the history of nutrition science, we found that when we eat is as important as what or how much we eat.” WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

What did you learn from the videos and article above?

I got a little more fierce about creating "stretches of uninterrupted, concentrated time", re-committed to a nightly fast of 12 hours (most days of the week, because popcorn, TV and cuddles is not not happening!), and added an even larger variety of plant-based foods to our diet.

I'd love to hear from you!