The Life Delicious holistic wellness curriculum

is founded on 3 pillars – the Trifecta of Wellness: 

  • stress management
  • exercise
  • nutrition

Whether you choose the 6-week or 12-week private coaching program, and sign up alone or with a partner, you'll be laying the foundation for personal mastery and holistic success.

Gain valuable insight on mindfulness, neuroplasticity, sleep hygiene, how to counteract your brain’s negativity bias, and the power of positive psychology.

Learn how to start an anti-sedentary revolution by building movement into your day through both functional fitness and physical activity (great news: housework counts!).  

Create a plan to fuel your best life, as we dig into nutrition: sourcing, cooking, meal planning, hydration, and digestive health.


The Duo Rate – for friends & lovers!

Sign up together and save over 30% each!

A la carte 6-week program

Choose a personalized curriculum!