Celebrity Fitness

Image: Flickr / petercruise

In a recent post, I mentioned a number of celebrities that follow the Tracy Anderson Method. After reading Movie Star Workouts on InStyle.com this weekend I was reminded of another trainer-to-the-stars whose philosophy I think is great: Harley Pasternak with his โ€œ5-Factorโ€ approach (his famous clientele includes Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Hudson).

I bought his book, 5-Factor Fitness, a few years ago and love the simplicity of the 5-Factor workout: 5 days a week, following a 5-phase program, with 5 minutes per phase for a total of 25 minutes. And in The 5-Factor Diet, he suggests eating, you guessed it, 5 times a day using 5 main ingredients per recipe that require 5 minutes of prep time.

He recently spoke to Elle.com about his new book, The 5-Factor World Diet, which explores the reasons why many other countries, including Sweden and Japan, donโ€™t have the same struggle with obesity that we have in North America.

Check out the video below where he talks about his alma mater, the University of Toronto.