Workout Wednesday: Yogalosophy

Yogalosophy | The Life Delicious | Catherine Roscoe Barr

In August, I read celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber’s book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover. This is how much I liked it: I bought it after reading my library copy cover to cover.

It's a pretty big deal for a book to make it onto my sacred bookshelf. Only the best get a coveted spot.

The book is full of inspiring quotes and anecdotes, is rooted in self-love, and combines yoga and strength training moves in multiple sequences for an awesome, challenging, energy-enhancing, grace-building workout.

Plus, each chapter ends with an action checklist. I love taking action and I love making checklists! This woman is awesome.

10-minute Yogalosophy Workout

Here’s a fantastic video from PopSugar Fitness – a great resource for workout videos and fitness information – where Ingber (she’s Jennifer Aniston’s trainer! Have you seen Aniston’s body?!) leads a fun but tough little 10-minute workout. Hope you enjoy!