Training for a Marathon

My most incredible race experience to date: the Reggae Marathon (I did the 10k) in beautiful Negril, Jamaica.

If you’re thinking about running a marathon – or any length of race – there are four key training tips you should know before you begin, says veteran athletic conditioning coach Jason Chamney, founder of Fitness Science Corporation and LeanRunner.  “They’re not complex, they’re just stuff everyone should know,” he says.

“Distance running is one of the most abusive things you can do to your musculoskeletal system, and building it up to tolerate that duration of work is key," says Chamney.

Running is an incredible way to get fit, relieve mental stress, spend time outdoors, and see new places (check out my story on the Reggae Marathon for The Province), but it’s very important to be safe, train smart and avoid injuries.

Also: chafing. I wish my inner thighs and I had done the research for this story before my race in Jamaica. I wore short-shorts and can’t begin to explain the pain I endured following the repetitive rubbing of my thighs, made worse by the inevitable presence of salt and sand on the seaside racecourse. Ouch. And I only ran 10 kilometres!

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