How to get the most from your ClassPass membership


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Part of The Life Delicious holistic wellness curriculum focuses on trying a wide variety of different physical activities that challenge your body in numerous ways. The more challenges you throw at your body the better prepared it will be to rise to the different physical occasions that life throws at it.

Plus, you’ll be way less likely to get bored when you’re trying a ton of exciting new things!

I’ve never been a one-gym woman, I’m more of a dabbler, so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about ClassPass!

It was like something I’d dreamed: a pass that gives you access to dozens of different fitness studios from barre to bootcamp to boxing to CrossFit to dance to salsa to spin to yoga to Zumba!

I liked it so much I became an affiliate. Interested in signing up? Use my link and save $30 off your 1st month! >>>

Before you dive in, here are a few things to know.

1. Map it out

(Image: ClassPass)

There are more than 100 participating Metro Vancouver fitness studios that you can access with your ClassPass, so check out the map (scroll down) to see what’s in your ‘hood – and plan adventures to places across the city that you’re curious to try. Click the little bullet icon to see the full alphabetical list.

2. Get the right rotation

It’s important to work a balanced blend of cardio, strength and flexibility into your fitness schedule. Once you’re signed up, your ClassPass member page can organize available classes by type, date or location. Try to pick at least one day per week each for strength (like bootcamp), cardio (like spin) and flexibility (like hatha yoga).

3. Choose wisely

You can visit each participating fitness studio a maximum of 3 times per month, which includes studios with more than 1 location – i.e. you can visit Semperviva locations for a total of 3 classes per month.

4. Pack your bags

(Image: ClassPass)

There are more than 30 cities in Canada, the US and the UK with ClassPass, and with the launch of their new International Flex program, you can use your membership to workout at participating fitness studios when you travel!

5. Know the inside scoop

Vancouver ClassPass memberships are $89 per month. If you’re planning a vacation, you can put your membership on hold for $19 per month, while there’s a $79 reactivation fee if you cancel your membership and then rejoin.

You can reserve your spot in class online 1 week in advance. There are limited classes per studio, and limited spaces per class, available to ClassPass users, so it’s worth choosing your preferred classes ahead of time and putting a reminder in your calendar to reserve your spot as soon as you’re able to. For example, you can register for a class next Tuesday at noon this Tuesday at noon, but not sooner.

Check out ClassPass’ FAQ page for more information.