Practice this simple, transformative philosophy


A little bit of good is good! You don’t have to aim for perfection.

Aim for good. Aim for great! But don't aim for perfect, it's too heavy an assignment.

Whew. Isn't that a relief?

When you add a little bit of good to your life, it’s easier to gradually build from there, slowly weaving healthy rituals into the fabric of your life.

This slow and steady approach means things are less likely to unravel when life’s fierce winds blow your way.

This slow and steady approach helps you stand steadfast – contracting or expanding your healthy rituals as needed.

The holistic approach to manifesting your dreams

Banishing the all-or-nothing mentality with each pillar of the Trifecta of Wellness, and you'll experience greater ease in manifesting your dreams!


1. Stress management

* Meditation

Yes, 20 minutes twice a day is awesome, and 60 minutes is next-level awesome. But that's not always (or ever) possible, so why not start small? Small is always possible.

Maintaining a regular meditation practice can seem more manageable when you commit to just 1, 3 or 5 minutes – and as you experience the benefits for yourself, you're likely to expand the amount of time you make space for.

* Me time

Me time is mandatory for my sanity. I need to spend time alone.

How much time do you need to spend alone, doing things that fill your battery?

Figure out your acceptable minimum, and put it in your calendar at least a few times each week.

* Tribe time

Tribe time is also mandatory for my sanity. What about you?

I need meaningful social connection. I need the love and wisdom of my family and friends, and I need to share my love and thoughts with them.

I need to know I'm not alone in my struggles, and to understand myself better by knowing others.

Get creative with time and make space – whether it's in person, over the phone, or online – for your tribe.

2. Exercise

* Mini workouts

I have been way more consistent with my strength, flexibility and cardio workouts since giving myself permission to do mini versions of each.

I try to use my awesome ClassPass membership once or twice a week, but mostly I do mini-yoga and mini-strength-circuit workouts at home (10 to 20 minutes), and go for short jogs (20 to 30 minutes) around my neighbourhood.

By giving myself permission to do a little, a get the daily mental and physical benefits of exercising my heart, mind and muscles.

Check out The Life Delicious workout resources!

* Start an anti-sedentary revolution

Sedentary physiology, the study of inactivity's detrimental health consequences, should be enough of a scare to get anyone moving regularly, but it's usually best to experience something intellectually and viscerally to be motivated to action.

I challenge you to set a timer to go off every hour of the work day, to ensure you get up and move around to get your heart pumping, your circulation going, your body strong, and your mind alert.

Check out my CTV Morning Live segment, 5 Tips to Start an Anti-sedentary Revolution!

3. Nutrition

* Menu plan

Having a plan ensures your success in the eating department!

Start small from wherever you're at today. Focus on adding "good" things (and "bad" things will just get squished out without you really noticing).

Plus, I always make double dinner so we have leftovers for lunch.

Does planning a menu and grocery list for 3 or 4 meals a week sound doable?

* 70/30 rule

Have we met? I LOVE food. I dance in my chair when I eat something particularly delicious.

But I also love feeling good, in my mind and my body, and feeling good requires good food.

Amazing nutrition is absolutely essential to mental wellbeing and physical health.

I felt deprived all the time and like a total failure when I tried to eat "perfectly". Even the 80/20 rule was a bit of a stretch.

So I created the 70/30 rule! 70-percent of the time I eat "clean" for mind and body fuel, and 30-percent of the time I eat "indulgent" for spirit fuel.

What's a ratio that you can begin with today?