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Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Hey there!

Why has The Life Delicious newsletter been on hiatus since October?

Our little girl, Bronwyn Elizabeth Roscoe Barr, was born October 29!

Read more about our parenting adventure so far HERE.

In a nutshell: it’s been busy, overwhelming, wonderful, frustrating, delightful and filled with excruciating love and uncertainty.

It has stretched us further than we’ve ever been stretched.

Our hearts have expanded (we spend all day with her and then look at photos and talk about how cute she is as soon as she's gone to bed), while our nerves feel more raw

It’s opened our eyes to the incredible challenges so many people around us face that we had no idea of pre-baby.

Now, at 4 months postpartum, I feel a positive shift.

I’m sleeping more.

She’s laughing, giggling, cooing and babbling.

I’m laughing more.

She can entertain herself for short periods of time. She naps from time to time!

I have short periods of personal time (hence this newsletter)!

I am more committed to and excited about the work I do now than ever.

Time invested in mental, physical and spiritual wellness isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

You can't thrive without it. Heck, you can barely survive!

Expanding responsibility requires creative self-care.

It doesn’t have to take much time. It can’t, at times.
As I go back to work this month (I have just 2 spaces left for corporate workshops in April – get in touch if you're interested!), I’m excited to present an even more concise, easy and doable curriculum with strategic tools to hardwire healthy habits – in just minutes a day.

If you want to learn how to clarify what you truly want in every area of your life and create healthy habits that stick, join me at Hollyhock Leadership Learning Centre on Cortes Island for Neuroscience + The Desire Map: Aligning Your Head And Heart, a 5-day retreat facilitated by myself and self-leadership coach Jenny Xenos.

Happy reading/listening/watching!

Pressed for time? My top 3 picks:

1. VIDEO: Input vs Output  |  Emelia Symington Fedy

2. ARTICLE: The key to mental clarity might just be about getting a better sleep  |  BCLiving

3. VIDEO: Wendy Suzuki on The brain-changing benefits of exercise  |  TEDWomen

Neuroscience + The Desire Map: Aligning Your Head and Heart


Bring a friend, share a room, and get 15% off your room and meal package at Hollyhock Leadership Learning Centre on Cortes Island this June 1-6.

Ocean-view and private rooms are limited, so make sure you book soon!

Aligning your head and heart will give you the tools to fuel your goals with soul at this transformative retreat. Neuroscience + The Desire Map is an international first combining these two curriculums! You’ll be nourished in mind, body and spirit as you create a blueprint for an extraordinary life.

Enjoy delicious nutrient dense meals, energizing physical activities, and plenty of personal time to think while you enjoy the magical grounds at Hollyhock. Plus, you’ll be joined by an incredible group of people just like you, seeking to create the life they dream of.


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