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My Favourite BC Wines Under $30

BC wine | The Life Delicious | Catherine Roscoe Barr

I think I’m a late bloomer in a lot of ways. Case in point: I visited a winery for the first time when I was 32 years old – and it wasn’t even on my own accord.

I’m very fortunate, through my work as a freelance writer specializing in fitness, food and travel, to get invited on many fabulous adventures, and that very first winery experience was one of those.

That trip took me up and down the spectacular Okanagan Valley, and I have since been back numerous times, as well as to other wine regions across BC.

It’s been such a privilege getting to know the viticulturists and winemakers creating wonderful wines in our province.

Here are some of the stories I’ve worked on where I’ve got to learn about local wine:

There’s something inherently wonderful about sharing a bottle of wine with the people you love – raising a glass, offering kind words, sharing heartfelt conversations – but to know who made the wine you’re drinking and to understand the care and passion put into it, makes the experience that much better.

That’s why I've been sticking to the BC section when I'm at the wine store. I just love knowing the people behind the label.

Here are, in no particular order, a few of my favourite BC wines under $30:

  1. SPARKLING – Summerhill Cipes Rose, $26.95
  2. SPARKLING – Steller’s Jay Brut, $24.99
  3. SPARKLING – See Ya Later Ranch Syl Brut, $22.99
  4. WHITE – Nichol 2012 Pinot Gris, $22
  5. WHITE – Tantalus 2012 Riesling, $23
  6. WHITE – Fort Berens 2011 White Gold Reserve Chardonnay, $25
  7. ROSE – Bartier Scholefield Rose, $19
  8. ROSE – JoieFarm Rose, $20.99
  9. ROSE – Nk’mip Rose, $19.99
  10. RED – Nk’Mip 2011 Talon, $22.99
  11. RED – Stoneboat 2011 Pinotage, $24.90
  12. RED – Tinhorn Creek 2011 Merlot, $19.99
  13. RED – Summerhill 2009 Alive Organic Red, $24.95

Collected from wine stores around Vancouver – prices may vary.

A fantastic resource for discovering BC wines and planning a visit to one of our more than 200 wineries across the province is the BC Wine Institute’s website: www.winebc.com.