Restaurant: Dockside Restaurant

My husband and I recently attended the summer launch patio party at Dockside Restaurant in the Granville Island Hotel. Their newly renovated waterfront patio is absolutely gorgeous and the food is amazing – the lovely view of False Creek doesn't hurt either.

The renovation was a lengthy and carefully considered project, as owner Diamond Karim shared with us, from the double-glazed fireplaces that act as a heat shield while still preserving the view, to the huge, heated cabana that arrived in pieces and was welded together and painted onsite, and the elegant striped curtains made from durable, weather-resistant marine fabric.

I’ve really begun to shed my Alberta-girl palate and have been jumping on every chance to try BC’s amazing seafood. Before moving out west, my exposure to shrimp was limited to the frozen, round trays we’d thaw for Christmas and I’d only tried mussels once.

Judging by the company, the food was pretty fantastic even for Vancouver standards, as I was not alone in swooning over the king crab legs, shrimp and mussels. I never imagined that I'd like mussels, they were delicious. I also had two (or was it three) delectable creme brulees for dessert.

Dockside has an in-house brewery, and although I didn’t actually try any of the beer (I got distracted by the bubbly) the beautiful vintage-eque labels definitely have me intrigued, and the next time the sun peeks out from behind the clouds I plan on heading back to do some sampling. Plus, I'm really keen on brunch and I’ve heard their Sunday brunch is great and even has live jazz and blues.

Image: Sheryl English