The importance of AM/PM rituals

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I’m grateful for the terrible sleep I had last night.

It was a good reminder of the importance of AM/PM rituals.

Rituals, according to best-selling author Gretchen Rubin, are habits “charged with transcendent meaning.”

So, rituals are just things you consciously practice with intention.

I usually guard my sleep-supporting rituals with ferocity, and I usually have an amazing sleep.

Amazing sleeps are a relatively new thing for me.

I used to have more terrible sleeps that not before I got serious about this critical component of mental and physical health – and growing field of research.

PM rituals

Let’s start with PM rituals because I think they’re the most important.

Wake up feeling great, and you’re more likely to make great choices and have a great day.

Treat sleep like a science experiment and reverse engineer your day to create the circumstances that have you waking up feeling great.

You can continue to perfect your sleep-supporting rituals by dissecting your sleep when you wake up in the morning.

How do you feel? What did you do in the past 24 hours that could have elevated (or sabotaged) your sleep?

Did you reduce electromagnetic stimulation (screens and lighting) as it got closer to bedtime?

Did you make time to wind down physically and mentally?

Was your bedroom completely dark?

Were your bedclothes clean and comfortable, and not too hot or too cold?

Did you end your day with gratitude?

Did you eat or drink too late?

Did you have an upsetting conversation or read a stressful email late at night?

What can you do today to sleep better tonight?

AM rituals

A participant at one of my wellness retreats last year shared an awesome thought from author Tim Ferriss:

“Win the morning, win the day.”

Winning the morning is something I made a practice of doing years ago – because it has such an enormously positive impact on my life.

I try to guard the first hour of my day from any external distractions.

In silence and solitude, I hydrate.

Then I state my daily intention to manifest freedom, expansion, love, connection and gratitude.

Next, I move my body – whether it’s a series of Cat-Cow poses and Sun Salutations in my living room, a run around my neighbourhood, or a group workout at a local fitness studio.

Finally – before I check my email or social media – I make a big, healthy breakfast and sit down to eat with my husband.

What does winning the morning look like for you?

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