Why travel is good for mind, body and spirit


For our 13th wedding anniversary last summer, we took an incredible road trip through BC's Kootenay Rockies region.

Watch the video, below, and plan your next adventure with HelloBC.com, here.


All of my work as a fitness, food and travel writer feeds my work as a wellness coach, and vice versa.

Travel, especially, feeds three important components of The Life Delicious wellness curriculum: connection with self, connection with others, and connection with nature.


1. Connection with self

When you learn new things about the world, you learn new things about yourself.

Travelling allows you to challenge your strength, your ability to navigate new situations, your mastery of self-care.

Travelling expands your knowledge and builds self-trust.

Travelling forces you to answer new questions and solve new problems.

Travelling transforms your experience of life.


2. Connection with others

  Travelling allows you to satisfy your curiosity about the way other people live.

If you're open to it, travelling connects you with myriad communities, weaving webs of good will and friendship around the globe.

Travelling lets you "recognize the other person is you."

Travelling shows you that you're not alone, you're not separate. You are connected.

Travelling expands your capacity to love.

Travelling heightens your awareness of unity among all beings on this tiny, precious planet.


3. Connection with nature

  Travelling strengthens your bond with Mother Earth.

Travelling intimately links you with trees, rivers, meadows, ponds, forests, waterfalls, wetlands, soils, and oceans.

"We protect what we revere," says yogi and blissologist Eoin Finn. We can only revere what we know.

Knowing the power, the beauty and the value of nature arouses planet stewardship.

Planet stewardship informs the way we consume and, ultimately, informs our impact on the world.

Travelling galvanizes planet stewardship.