TLD October Intel: A Monthly Roundup Of Intelligence To Help You Live The Life Delicious!

Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

The last two months have been hectic! I've had retreats, conferences, corporate workshops, private clients – and have been flying mostly solo with all of the household minutiae (laundry, dishes, keeping plants alive) while my amazing husband has been working overtime on a little film called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (in theatres December 16! i.e. the end of OT is in sight!).

I have never felt such wellsprings of gratitude in my life – for my family, my friends, my career, my health – but throughout this hectic period it's been a very conscious daily practice of reminding myself to prioritize self-care. 

I'll admit, there's been at least one time when I've cried out of exhaustion and frustration. But it's a beautiful thing to give yourself permission to really feel your feelings and witness the energy shift that occurs when you allow your emotions to become energy in motion – an incredibly helpful concept I learned from the wonderful Dr. Divi, founder of the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine.

When you don't honour your emotions and instead bury or mask them (everything is amaaazing! *silently cries on the inside while flashing a fake smile*) you're doing your mind, body and spirit a disservice. 

Unprocessed mental pain can manifest as physical symptoms. 

Plus, when your actions are out of alignment with the truth of how you're feeling, it's a real energy zapper! And if you, like me, are experiencing a hectic period in your life, you know that energy-zappers are a hard no, and that energy-building self-care practices are an absolute yes.

For me, an essential self-care practice is gaining new insight on personal mastery and sharing what I learn with kindred spirits – that's YOU!

I hope you'll find this month's intel helpful, interesting and inspiring. Happy reading/listening/watching!

Pressed for time? My top 3 picks:

The Luxury Wellness Retreat at Fairmont Empress. (CREDIT: Michelle Ardiel)

EVENT: The Weekend Retreat at STRETCH Studio (Vancouver)  |  November 11-13, 2016
EVENT: The Luxury Retreat at Fairmont Empress (Victoria)  |  February 17-19, 2017

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