PUBLISHED: 5 exercises for healthy, strong feet

{Image: IMPACT magazine}

A few years ago, my amazing friend and former employer, Dr. Stacy Irvine, co-owner of Toronto's Totum Life Science (which she founded with equally cool husband Tim Irvine), contributing fitness editor at Chatelaine magazine, and Cityline's health and fitness expert, appeared on an episode of Cityline to talk about exercises for healthy feet. 

I loved the video, started doing the exercises – which made a huge difference to my foot strength and health – and referred it to my clients.

But then the video disappeared.

So I pitched a story about exercises for healthy feet to an awesome magazine focused on fitness, sport and performance – IMPACT magazine – they said yes, and Stacy graciously agreed to share her knowledge and expertise with all of us.

Thank you, Stacy!

It's so important to show your feet – your FOUNDATION – some love. I hope you'll try these 5 exercises for healthy, strong feet!

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