TLD August Intel: A monthly roundup of intelligence to help you live The Life Delicious!

Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

My job – and passion – as a wellness coach is to help YOU acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to live an extraordinary life!

Through The Life Delicious’ holistic wellness curriculum – via coachingretreatsworkshops and keynotes – I help entrepreneurs and executives find the sweet spot between vibrant health, success and indulgence.

Vibrant health: Physical strength, mental resilience, spiritual alignment.

Success: Abundance, fulfillment, purpose.

Indulgence: Culinary experiences, global adventures, luxurious downtime.

Wanting to have ALL of these things in my life – harmoniously, simultaneously – led me to develop my holistic wellness curriculum and create The Life Delicious.

This desire for vibrant health, success and indulgence provides me with a daily wellspring of enthusiasm for gaining new intel.

The most exciting part? Sharing my discoveries with YOU!

I created a new #TLDalumni newsletter last month, but was so excited about the content that I wanted to share it with everyone every month!

Take note my beloved alumni: I have an exclusive, super exciting gift coming to you in a few weeks!

I really hope you’ll benefit from these monthly intel offerings.

Happy reading/listening/watching!

Pressed for time? My top 3 picks:

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More wellness awesomeness:

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