7 awesome podcasts to better your life

I have to admit that before I was a guest on Dr. Alain Desaulniers’ top-ranked podcast, Everyday Revolutions, I’d never actually listened to a podcast!

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So I have Alain to thank for getting me hooked on this awesome avenue of incredible life-bettering information.

But my days were already pretty full and I had to get clever about listening times – so I’ve started listening to podcasts while I do the dishes!

I cook a lot, and create a lot of dirty dishes in the wake of all those healthy meals, so there’s plenty of time for inspirational listening.

I actually look forward to the dishes these days, because it’s PODCAST TIME!!

Here are a few of my current favourites:

3.     The Tony Robbins Podcast

7.       Emerging Women, hosted by Chantal Pierrat 


What are your favourite (positive, wellbeing-focused) podcasts? Please share!


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