Pre and Post Natal Exercise at Form Body Lab


Yaletown's Form Body Lab has been an important part of my prenatal team.


I first met Jessica Slonski, owner and founder of the Pilates, yoga, physiotherapy and massage studio, last year when she came highly recommended as an expert for a postnatal exercise story I was working on (see link below). 

Slonski was a professional dancer and teacher in Toronto before moving to Vancouver, attaining her Pilates certification from The Physical Mind Institute, and leveraging her understanding of proper body mechanics to specialize in mat work, apparatus, and pre- and post-natal Pilates.


Prenatal Pilates

Pilates has been the perfect addition to my prenatal exercise routine because of it's focus on posture, pelvic floor, expansive breathing, and core activation. 

"Practicing prenatal Pilates will improve pelvic support and can allow for a more speedy recovery after childbirth," says Slonski, who leads a team of more than a dozen experienced Pilates and Yoga instructors, physiotherapists and registered massage therapists (RMTs).

Speedy recovery after childbirth? Yes, please!

"It may also help prevent injuries that are associated with the incredible process of growing a child and giving birth," she says. "Through supported workouts and poses, prenatal Pilates can be used to maintain good posture and alleviate recurring aches and pains associated with pregnancy." 

"Prenatal Pilates also focuses on breathing and relaxation. As your baby grows, it is important to maximize rib expansion to allow for easier breath, while relaxation is particularly important in the pelvic floor to allow for the necessary expansion during birth."

Form Body Lab offers private prenatal sessions (highly recommended – I did 3 before joining the classes, and continue to check in) plus 6-week Mat and Reformer group series. 

Postnatal Pilates

Pilates will be the perfect addition to my postnatal exercise routine because of the aforementioned prenatal reasons (posture, pelvic floor, expansive breathing, and core activation). 

"After childbirth, postnatal Pilates can help new mothers strengthen and recover from the incredible stresses that pregnancy and giving birth can have on the body," says Slonski.

"Having a child is a miraculous event but this process is hard on your pelvic floor and it will require rehabilitation."

In the postnatal story I mentioned above (see link below), Slonski shares tips on:

  • adjusting to postpartum
  • healing the body
  • improving sleep
  • shedding baby weight
  • speeding recovery

Plus, she shares 5 equipment-free exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to "target the areas new moms can struggle with the most": 

  • pelvic floor
  • abs
  • glutes