TLD December Intel: Are you missing the follow-through?


Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

As an educator, and voracious consumer of information, I love to share new insights – but have I been going overboard? Maybe.

Maybe I've been sharing too much? My intention with TLD Intel is to share awesome insights that will positively impact your life.

It has pained me to whittle the list I send you down to a dozen... but I'm starting to get a feeling that a dozen is too much!

So! Starting today, I pledge to become a ruthless whittler and only send you THREE awesome insights.

I hope this smaller version will have a greater impact.

It's truly an honour to share my enthusiasm for wellness with you. 

Happy reading/listening/watching!

If you’re on this list, you’re a seeker – you listen to podcasts, attend workshops and conferences, read books (and newsletters!), register for online programs.

But are you missing the follow-through?

Are you seeing the results you desire, or are you spinning your wheels?

Are you holding onto great insights on mindfulness or exercise or nutrition but failing to apply them?

Knowledge + follow-through = Results.

But knowledge + mere contemplation = a waste of time and money.

The follow-through is why I focus a large part of my energy on hosting retreats: I want to facilitate the follow through.

I want to reduce your experience of wasted time and money because it’s painful. I know!

Failing to follow through was at the root of my problems for years. I was a voracious consumer of information but a limited taker of action.

I couldn’t see my roadblocks, so I didn’t know how to move past them.

Roadblock removal is now my specialty and I want to help you become a voracious taker of action.

I want to show you what it takes to create habits that stick, and help you create a plan so simple, efficient and doable that you’re guaranteed to transcend your current level of success.

Using the power of strategic repetition and The Life Delicious’ 7 mindset shifts, we’ll look at your roadblocks from every angle so you can finally discover exactly what works best for you.

Together, we’ll get to the bottom of your resistance to positive change.

You are not alone – we all experience this! It’s human nature to save energy, maintain the status quo, even if it’s not serving us.

It takes activation energy to make changes and see results.

Let me help you create a detailed and efficient map, rev your engine, blast through those roadblocks, and move into the next level of your life!

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel's oceanfront mineral baths. (IMAGE CREDIT:    @chase.teron   )

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel's oceanfront mineral baths. (IMAGE CREDIT: @chase.teron)

Join us for an all-inclusive weekend focused on the follow-through, February 1-3, 2019 at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

A weekend away may seem extravagant but investing in both knowledge and action will save you time and money.

At our retreat, you will not only learn the absolute best habits to serve your life, you will become a voracious taker of action!

Secure your spot by calling Oak Bay Beach Hotel's in-house reservations at 1-250-598-4556.