The Top 10 Health & Fitness Posts of 2013

Treadmill awesomeness1. Workout Wednesday: 20-Minutes of Treadmill Awesomeness

If you like to run (or just want to get it over with quickly), this 20-minute workout with a 10-minute warm up, 8 minutes of sprint intervals, and a 2-minute cool down, might be right up your alley!

Noon hour spin2. Workout Wednesday: Core Strength for Stationary or Road Cycling

Building the foundation for activities, like cycling, is the best way to ensure you stay injury-free and are on track for peak performance!

High Intensity Interval Training3. Workout Wednesday: 10-Minute High Intensity Interval Training

No equipment necessary for this quick workout that will challenge every muscle in your body!

Yogalosophy4. Workout Wednesday: Yogalosophy

Mandy Ingber combines yoga and strength training (along with an awesome philosophy on life). She is also Jennifer Aniston's trainer. Need I say more?


Jump Rope5. Workout Wednesday: 20-Minute Skip, Strength & Stretch

If you've forgotten what a fun and fantastic workout skipping is, this will remind you!

Dr Susan Blum6. Book: The Immune System Recovery Plan

Highlights from Dr Susan Blum's book, which provides four foundations for improved and healthy immunity, and includes 40 delicious, nutritious recipes.


Books on Brain Chemistry7. 10 Books on Brain Chemistry

From the effects of exercise and nutrition on the brain to the consequences of negative thinking on its structure and function, this list of easy-to-read books is definitely worth checking out!

health&fitness in-the-news8. Health and Fitness Roundup: In the News

A collection of the latest wellness news from the world's top news and information sources.


goVancouver Catherine Roscoe Barr9. The Winning Trifecta of Wellness

A recap of my appearance on go! Vancouver with Mana Mansour discussing my three-pronged approach to whole health!


Ugi10. Workout Wednesday: Ugi

Ugi is one of my favourite at-home quickie workouts, and I got to interview founder, celebrity trainer Sara Shears, for BCLiving.