Building powerful rituals into your daily routine – WNORTH Conference 2017

(IMAGE: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

(IMAGE: Jenn Di Spirito Photography)

At the 2017 WNORTH Conference in Whistler, BC at Nita Lake Lodge, I spoke about:

  • building powerful rituals into your daily routine

  • the massive impact of small consistent actions

  • the power you have to create a future self that will THANK YOU

Watch the video below now!

Rituals are habits, elevated.

Rituals are habits, prioritized.

Rituals are habits that serve you.


In the video above, I share tools for creating:

  1. the ritual of practicing mindfulness
  2. the ritual of creating expansive posture
  3. the ritual of choosing to sleep better


What powerful rituals are YOU already practicing? 

If you focus on adopting just ONE new ritual that serves you, you can transform the quality of your life, and experience greater vitality in the present that will gain interest and grow with you… until you become your vibrant future self!


The 4th annual WNORTH Conference is April 18-20, 2018 in Whistler, BC at Nita Lake Lodge

 WNORTH is a boutique-style conference focused on providing a forum for women who are aiming for, or already on, a senior executive leadership track. Top female business leaders in corporate, public and entrepreneurial sectors, will come together to enhance their leadership training, engage in high-level networking and witness inspirational talks from global leaders.


Check out the amazing, first-to-be-announced speakers for 2018!


I've attended WNORTH Conference the past 2 years, and can't recommend this event enough!

In addition to totally inspiring speakers, empowering ideas, delicious meals, and a beautiful location, the networking opportunities are invaluable.

The collaborative, warm and welcoming atmosphere is apparent from the opening reception to the Scandinave social and closing keynote, with ample time to have real, authentic conversations and make meaningful connections.

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