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Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.


It's July! I hope you're having a beautiful summer.

It's been a while – again.

Even though I've moved nearly two dozen times in my life, it's always a transition that's high in energy consumption.


It's been an interesting journey (including some tears and fury) to start over again on the home front (we moved in May). 

The biggest challenge has been re-creating my daily rituals and sacred spaces:

  • a beautiful, blacked-out bedroom that evokes serenity
  • a meditation space
  • an AM ritual space
  • a weekly exercise and movement routine
  • an inspiring, uncluttered home office
  • a clever kitchen that excites meal prep (and cleanup) 
  • an efficient route for errands
  • etc, etc, etc


It’s almost 12 weeks post-move and I’m so grateful to finally be back in the swing of things.

Transitions can be tough. They require extra energy, patience, curiosity and flexibility.

I feel doubly in transition as not only has my home changed, my body is changing too!

At 6 months pregnant, I’m feeling great – happily past the first 4 very challenging months.

I’m so happy to have my rituals back in place these last 3 months before the baby comes.

I know the arrival if this amazing little person will create what’s sure to be one of the biggest transitions of our lives!


How do you navigate transition?

Do you honour yourself with a grace period and accept that extra energy, patience, curiosity and flexibility are likely necessary?


As always, I’m delighted to share this latest edition of TLD Intel. I hope you’ll find a few new tools (or reminders) to help you navigate life’s inevitable transitions.

Happy reading/listening/watching!


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